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Brian "Brain" Mantia Drums

Brian "Brain" MantiaBrian Mantia ,the new drummer for Guns N' Roses has a history of Bands like Godflesh ,Tony Furtado Band and most recently Primus.Infact most sites hesitate to call him a an "Ex-Primus" yet.





For all you drummers out there,this is his equipment specifications I found on the internet
26" x 14" Green Ludwig Vistalite Bass drum
14" x 5-1/2" Ludwig Vistalite Black Beauty snare
14" North Floor Tom
6" Morth Tom
13" x 9" Red Ludwig Vistalite Floor Tom
18" x 16" Amber Ludwig Vistalite

Percussion: 6" Black LP Cowbell

13" A quickbeat hi hats
A Medium thin crash
8" EFX 1
16" A Medium crash
8" A splash
6" Zil-Bel
21" A Rock Ride
18" A China Low

J Technics SL-1210MKZ Turntable with an M44Gs stylus
KVestax PMCO5PRO DJMixer