Slash Interviewed by Murray Engleheart from metal-is .com: 9 sep 2000
Murray Engleheart :Any real chance of a Guns reunion?

Slash:You know what? Everybody keeps talking about it. Chances are, I don't see it in the foreseeable future (laughs). There's too much bullshit. I mean if somebody goes, “Hey, you know what? There's a weekend here, or a weekend there. You guys want to all get together and fucking go and do these two shows here at such and such a place or whatever”, I'd be like, well, first things first. It's got to be the original band and then you've got to get us all into one room and, schedules permitting, I have no fucking intention of slowing down what I'm doing with Snakepit. I'm saying that, but, more so than anything, I think the person that would rather not have that happen would be Axl. That's the whole reason this all started in the first place.
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GNR sued for 11m $+:21 July 2000:Axl Rose,Duff Rose,Izzy Stradlin,Slash and Geffen/Universal have been sued by a man called Bobby martin who claims that Gnr's hit 'Dont Cry' has been lifted from his instrumental track "Ensename A Amar (Show Me How to Love)." He has sought more than 11m $ and share from the future earnings from this song.The song according to this man was composed in 1987 and was even a hit in Latin America.

Slash and snakepit to perform in AC/DC's U.S tour:14 July 2000: Slash and his snakepit will be performing as the opening act for the AC/DC's U.S tour which starts on Aug 1.When asked about the tour Slash said-"I can't wait, are you kidding me?Just getting record done and having it come out, but then getting the chance to play with AC/DC, that's like one of my all-time favorite bands, so I'm really excited about it. I'm totally star-struck by this thing. I've seen them a million times, but I've never played with them. I've never even met them actually."

'Ain't Life Grand' to be released on October 10th.: Slash's bands' album 'Ain't Life Grand' will be in stores on october 10 courstey Koch records.

Axl Rose performs with Gilby Clarke out of the blues:26 june 2000:Axl rose actually made a public performance in seven years when he shared the stage with Gilby Clarke in a club in West Hollywood.Axl attended a Roger Waters concert before dropping into the club and sharing the stage to sing duets of two Rolling stone songs 'Wild horses' and 'Dead Flowers'. Clarke has told MTV News that he and Axl discussed about later's new album and band."He was really excited about it," Clarke said. "He was explaining it to me. We didn't rehash anything. We had a good time."

Chinese Democracy expected at the end of this year:Chinese Democracy might be in stores late this year or early next year.Axl Rose ,in an interview to MTV,expressed that he is pretty much satisfied with the progress of the much awaited new album .Though he was a bit disappointed by the abrupt departure of Robin,the work on the album was "going well".


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Chinese Democracy:all gatherings in chronological order

"It's a lot of different sounds. There's some other really heavy songs, there's a lot of aggressive songs, but they're all in different styles and different sounds. It is truly a melting pot." -Axl Rose to Mtv News' Kurt Loder about the album.

"There will be elements of blues-based things on the new Guns record. It's a very diverse record. There's a lot of hip-hop beats, there's straight-ahead rock". -Axl In the same interview.

"The tracks reminded me of the best moments of Seventies Pink Floyd or later Led Zeppelin," "There's nothing out there right now that has that kind of scope. Axl hasn't spent the last several years struggling to write Use Your Illusion over again." Jim Barber, a former Geffen A&R executive who worked on the project.

"Oh My God" - the industrial-flavored track that surfaced on the End of Days soundtrack - is only one hint of what's to come. Imagine Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti remixed by Beck and Trent Reznor, and you'll have some sense of Axl's new sound. Song after song combines the edgy hard-rock force and pop smarts of vintage Guns n' Roses with surprisingly modern and ambitious musical textures-David Wild who interviewed Axl last nov. and listened to 12 songs

Loder: When do you think we will actually see this album? Is it possible to say early next year?

Rose: We're hoping. Yes, definitely, everything seems to be going well. Robin's departure was abrupt, sudden, you know, not expected...