Guns and Roses are a rock phenomenon today.They shot their way to fame in late 80's courstey their hard core heavy metal music winning them millions of fans world wide.Irrespective of the controversies surrounding them the band lives and rocks.

The band was formed in 1985 when Axl rose<B.William Rose) teamed up with Izzy stradlin(B.Jeff Bel),
guitarist Slash(SaulHudson) bass guitarist Duff ' Rose' Mckagen(Michael Mckagen) and drummer steve addler.They took their name from the two bands Axl and Izzy had formerly played in:The L.A.Guns and the Hollywood Roses.(By the way ,the name makes great sense about their music as well!)It was the release of their self-released EP called 'Live ?!*@ Like a suicide',which had them signed up with Geffen A&R.

Appetite for destruction: .
They shot their way to fame with their Geffen debut ,Appetite for Destruction' which was released in july'87.The album took time (10 months before it came into charts)to create waves,but when it did it became history.It had three top 10 singles "Sweet Child O' Mine"(#1), "Paradise City"(#5) ,and "Welcome to the Jungle"(#7).The album sold more than 20 million pieces and was listed under the 100 best rock records by the Rolling stones.

Gn'R Lies:
GN'R lies was released by Geffen in 1988.It included songs from their first EP (acoustic versions) along with other songs.
Despite the controversial lyrics of  'One in a Million' the album became an instant hit  hitting no. 2 on the billboard  charts.
Gn'R became the only band of the 80's to have two albums in top 5 of the album charts.
But like the success ,the controversies surrounding the band also grew.Drummer Scot Adler was forced out from the band due to his drug habit.

Use your Illusion 1 and 2:
GN'R got  back their act their together with the inclusion of new drummer  former 'the cult' member Matt Sorum and Dizzy Read on the keyboard.The then group came out with two new albums in the year 1990 ,'Use your Illusion 1' &' Use your Illusion 2'.The albums debuted at no.2 and no.1 on the Billboard charts respectively.
The epic video of "November rain" became a huge hit and the most wanted song on MTV ,while the band set on a grand 28 months long world tour replenishing the loss of Izzy with new guitarist Gilby Clark.Izzy,apparently, quit the band due to ongoing differences with Axl.GnR bagged the MTV "best video" award  for 'November rain' and  the prestigious MTV Vanguard .

The Spaghetti Incident:
The band's new album called "The spaghetti incient"(a collection of punk covers) was released in 1993 but didn't do too well.
The band gradually broke off leaving Axl rose the sole caretaker.
Guns n' roses-Live Era:
After a gap of 6 years ,'Live Era' was released in 1999 which featured live performances of 22 of the bands best hits,giving something to cheer about to the fans.

Chinese Democracy (soon!):
GnR has a completely new line up with  Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails guitarist),  guitarist Paul Huge,bassist Tommy Stinson (Replacements), drummer Josh Freese and  Dizzy Reed on keyboards,as they are working on their much awaited album to be called "Chinese democracy".The single "Oh my God " featured on the sound track of "End of days" (released in 1999) is a current GnR product and might very well be on the new album.