You wanna step in my world? The developers of this website are two Guns' Crazy (almost fanatic) fans.We believe that "Sweet Child O' Mine" is the greatest song ever made and GNR are the greatest music act in the world.We are from the lovely city of Mumbai in India..The names are Karan & Vinny.

Vinny:I'm not an ordinary GNR fan TRUST ME!! they are God for me (& i mean it) and don't tell me you didn't feel the same .They 've created all masterpiece Possible(Hopin' another one in CHINESE DEMOCRACY) . I like SLASH as a GUNNER (His unbelievable Guitarwork on songs like "NOVEMBER RAIN ,' SWEET CHILD O'MINE ,ESTRANGED , PARADISE CITY " ..> Not to mention his all songs ) , AXL is Greatest on SLASH's Guitarwork (even alone)
Here are few things my life is goin' through GNR,VIDEOGAMES,GIRLBANDS,NET STUFFS, (never mind telephone bills),boring TV programs. Now days I'm hopin of CHINESE DEMOCRACY,A GOOD LOOKIN GIRL If you like GNR as me (not possible) then you are in IN my GNRclub just inform Me.

Karan:I'm 18 and in a month or so will be joining a Bachelor Course in Software Systems. To me "Sweet Child O' Mine" is the biggest thing to go along with Physics,Girls and Hard Rock. Strange Combination?Well That's the way it is.Back to music......err...if you would like to know more 'bout me or be an email friend then Go Ahead. My other favourite Guns' songs are "Welcome to the Jungle","Estranged","Patience","November Rain","Paradise City"(that's my theme song!),"Civil War","I4 Years","Yesterdays","Knockin' on Heaven's door" and all other songs infact.The first GNR song that I heard was "Welcome to the Jungle" and I confess I skipped 'Sachin' Vs 'Mcgrath' in Australia to watch that video.Its unusual among the GNR fanclub but it is one of my favorites. I'd like to say a bit about "Sweet Child O' Mine".Everything 'bout it is perfect but the guitar after the second para is special and out of this world(experience- you might say as well)."Where do we go...." part is ultimate.I know its nothing new but i just wanted to say it. And "O My God" is brilliant,I absolutely love it.I,m sure that "Chinese Democracy" will be great and I'm dying to hear it.

About this site:
Vinny:I'have helped my GNR CRAZY BROTHER for creatin my dream GNR site

Karan:It took us two months to develop this site.This website was always to be,but it was prompted when on an idle day I happened to watch "Paradise City".Hair Raising stuff really. We wanted to give this site a classic look like what GNR is.Legend.The front page has been the most difficult to design but I've made exactly I wanted to.Similarly we wanted to give each page its own personality.Only your feedback will tell us how successful we've been.

Future Plans:
On a more commercial note (but true),We surf the net daily for Guns N' Roses news and anything GNR.So you can safely add this site to your favorites list if you're a GNR fan.We are commited to make this site as good a site as a GNR site deserves to be. We'd add more songs to the song archive,start a fanclub and more GNR matter very soon. Vinny will be coming up with a Bryan Adams site soon.Please enroll for our mailing list to recieve news about that as well.

Message for Axl:
We just wanna tell you that Guns' Live & Rock.I'm talkin' bout' the new song "O My God".It is great.Slash or no Slash,we think that you are doing a great job and we're dying to listen to the new one.

Thanks to:
Guns N' Roses
My Mom,who did not object to our working for as long as eight hours a day!